Gustavo Embon, Chief Signal Control in TELEFE speaking of the new MEDIA 5 workflow CG5 HD / SD which was implemented in the channel.

How does the workflow CG5 of Media5 inserts in the Signals Control of Telefe and what features development?

In the Signals Control of Telefe we generate 4 products of our company, which are the Capital Telefe, Telefe Interior, Telefe International and Telefe Capital HD signals. Each of these signals go through all of the transmission chain and then gets to different recipients.

Our current technical/operational scheme includes CG5 equipment. They satisfy the inclusion of graphics functions (logo animation, time and temperature) in Telefe Capital signal, and soon will add to the Telefe HD signal, together with the inclusion of Branding and Picture in Picture (PIP) functions for sign language.

How did appear the need to incorporate the solution to the workflow of the channel?

It´s been a few years since we have adopted this system as the solution to our request. But, with the advent of HD, came the need for an integrative tool, that will allow us to operate the inclusion of graphics in both (HD and SD) signals with a single operational interface. Under this premise, MEDIA 5 developed a customized system, which is in the final stages of testing and will be in the air soon. This workflow includes the total operational inclusion of air graphics for both (SD and HD) signals, for both transmission chains (primary and Backup), concentrating control of these 4 equipment from 2 remote. These are operated by the SW Master and the Coordinator of Transmission separately, depending on the function of those or centralized way, in cases of technical emergency or operational failures in any of the systems.

What are the main attributes and comparative advantages that were valued at the time of the acquisition?

The fact of being a national company is very important to us, since they understand better our needs, adapt to them, offer tailor made solutions and provide personalized training and support. Thus, this gives an added value when we were deciding the acquisition of technical equipment. In addition, the relationship cost benefit of this product in particular, turns out to be decisive to us.

How is the operating scheme of transmission of Telefe evolving and what are the main challenges for the second half of the year?

We are working hard to continue to evolve in the HD transmission, both in the Capital signal, as in the Interior and International. In this way, we move forward together with other areas of the company, to follow in the best way the growth of content production in high definition and, at the same time, contemplating the issuance of them in different formats, depending on the media used to reach the diversity of displays. That is our main challenge for the second half of the year. Personally, I am very proud to be part of this great team of professionals.


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