CHANNEL IN A BOX Video Server, Playout with multilayer character generator and multiple video input. Is the ideal equipment for TV channels automation or live work, which incorporates a set of the latest technologies, allowing a total control of different types of multi-format content.



The flexibility of SMART SERVER  allows multiple operations:

  • PLAYOUT Multiformat with SDI, NDI® or HDMI output.
  • 4 Input SDI, NDI® or STREAMING (RTSP o RTMP)
  • AVI, MOV, MPG, MXF, MP4 compatible.
  • Simultaneous PlayOut and Recording.
  • Real Time Compression.
  • Multiple Selectable Compression Formats.
  • Multi-format AV-Players.
  • Customizable SQL Database.
  • Multiview.
  • Multilayer Character Generator.
  • Logo Insertion.
  • Time, Temperature and Humidity Insertion.
  • Macro Programming.
  • Real Time Screen Capture.
  • Broadcast and Commercial  Reports.
  • Multiple Clips Over the Same Video.
  • Lower Thirds, Branding, Rolls, Crawls, TGA and PNG Series.
  • Video Trim.
  • and more




Technical Specifications

  •  HD, SD, SDI & LTC I/O


  • 4 Input SDI, NDI® or STREAMING (RTSP o RTMP).
  • 1 Genlock.


  • 1 SDI, NDI® or HDMI


I/O characteristics are subject to the hardware where the software is installed



In a Glimpse

  • Multiformat Playout.
  • SDI, NDI® or HDMI output.
  • 4 Input SDI, NDI® or STREAMING (RTSP o RTMP)
  • Simultaneous Recording and Playout.
  • AVI, MOV, MPG, MXF, MP4 compatible.
  • Multilayer Character Generator.
  • Broadcasting and certification reports.
  • On Screen Preview.
  • Branding.
  • . . .


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