MEDIA 5 present at TECNOTELEVISIÓN 2014…

In a context of openness and international growth, the company will present in Bogota developments in its various lines of BROADCAST product.

In addition to integration with NewTek® presented in 2013, this year will showcase solutions and integrations developed for Matrox and ENPS® Associated Press®.

The new agreement with Associated Press® to work with ENPS® (news management system) enables the control of all equipment the company manufactures: Character Generators, Video Servers and recording equipment; fully automatic and by MOS protocol.

The compatibility of its equipment with MOS protocol allows the user to integrate them into any broadcast workflow.

Its VIDEO SERVERS (VIDEO 5 VIDEO 5 MF® and Net IP®), will have the ability to install user terminals in Windows®, MAC OSX or Android® platforms, allowing to control the system from any platform natively and, therefore, optimizing the available equipment in the network.

Within their CHARACTER GENERATION equipment (CG 5 HD®, CG 5 MTX® and CG 5Net IP®) is highlighted the creation of a warning system, “WARNING”, which warns of problems in the loaded video prior to being broadcasted. In addition, the new version has different Plug In specifically designed to work in real time, simplifying the live broadcast through the motion capture screens and images from a remote computer (“CAPTURE SCREEN”); management of social networks making a quick and easy interaction (“SOCIAL NETWORKS”); and optimization of sports work in broadcasting (“SPORT”) achieving the fastest graphic broadcast.

As for their RECORDING equipment, the new version includes time shifting functions, enables real-time playback on the server (VIDEO 5®) of what is being recorded and provides the ability to export files directly to the video server, facilitating the work of any channel or producer. In the seeking to facilitate the work of its users, performed a makeover of the image of the equipment specifically adapted to live work, with the possibility of using more shortcuts for several commands and more intuitive screens.

With its different lines to recording, playout, character generation, management and storage products, MEDIA 5 has managed to cover any need or customer requirement.


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