– How did the need to incorporate the workflow provided by MEDIA 5 appear and how is it inserted into the workflow of UNO MEDIOS?

Canal 8 San Juan is a leader in programming and news of this state, to continue with these results was very important to choose suitable technology to be able to make our programming in a safe and optimally operational way.

We centralized de Workflow of Canal 8 with MEDIA 5, Play Out in Switcher Master, Recorder Multi Channel with Time Shifting, Character Generator, Play Out in studies controls, commercials and programming in addition to m+ connection, thus we make the programming and management of commercials in one system.

– What were the main technical attributes and advantages evaluated in the decision of acquiring MEDIA 5 solution?

Despite having similar equipment from other brands in our network, we were not satisfy with the quality, stability or operability, this led us to study the technical characteristics of several brands available in the market and, with the System Management Department, we conclude that MEDIA 5 was the right company to this implementation because of its versatility, quality, support, level of integration and scalability of their equipment.

Our company already had a MEDIA 5 equipment and the post sales experience was excellent.

The strength and robustness of the products and the post sales service make us see MEDIA 5 as a solution to what we were looking for, se we decide to make the purchase from them.

– How the operation of the channel is built now, with the MEDIA 5 solution implemented?

With the implementation of the new workflow we have achieved the fastest speed of operation possible, based on 4 redundant recording channels with compression and time shifting in real time, that allows us to be recording content and at the same time be transmitting a deferred satellite signal without the need of being segmenting the recording, thus avoiding the loss of frames. Simultaneously, the play out can be broadcasting the video content and controlling the channel graphics (Branding, Logo, HTH, etc.) while maintaining the graphic that the videographer is doing at the time.

– To what level the possibility of working with development and support of a national company becomes important?

It’s more important to have a company in which you can directly reach consensus and ask developers to make some modifications for your applications.

And not having to rely on a packed structure to which you must adapt to.

We can count on the managers and the crew, to achieve the desired final adjustment.

Being this a characteristic that influences buying decisions.

This way, after the purchase, you feel you’re still an important customer for the company.

– How is evolving the operational transmission scheme of UNO MEDIOS and what are the main technological challenges you face in the short and medium term?

We are in the middle of a technological change, defining structures, and doing it right is the biggest challenge we have right now. In this ever-changing technological world the right choice and the ability to think ahead is essential.


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