MEDIA 5 at NAB SHOW 2015

MEDIA 5 will present new systems at NAB Show 2015 at booth C8549…

Based on technological innovation and complementation agreements, the company will present developments in their BROADCAST products and new solutions, which has been developed to meet the requirements of its customers throughout the region.

Besides the development of solutions and integrations to other factories of the market, such as Matrox®, NewTek® and ENPS® of Associated Press® and new products and features of the company lines will be revealed.

About the VIDEO 5 Servers line, the company will introduce new 4K video servers. This will allow users full autonomy of format expanding their job opportunities.

Regarding character generators line (CG5), the company will present the new CG5 FORTRESS. This new system, in addition to the known functions, adds the ability to generate and animate 3D templates from the system interface. CG5 FORTRESS particularly complements the work that the company has been developing (specialization in live work) and represents a great alternative with low cost and easy operation for all kinds of customer.

Also, the new version of M-MAM (Media 5 Media Asset Manager) will be presented. This product comes from the need to manage and efficiently utilize large amounts of digital files. This product is a platform for centralized control of the content of any organization. Allowing to ingest, store, catalog, publish, archive, search and control versions, processes and users transparently and efficiently. It is a solution for channels/producers / content generators that need to organize, catalog, search in real time, publish and manage in a simple way the content (assets) in one place.

M-MAM is the logical consequence of all previous digitalization, a central platform, especially oriented to Broadcast solutions for the overall management of digital content in the organization (video, audio, images, text, and documents), ordering the digital library, defining different metadata templates and workflows depending on the content, making it ready to be found and manipulated at any time.

With new releases and developments MEDIA 5 SRL achieved position as a provider of comprehensive solutions with a complete line of configurable and scalable equipment according to each customer need or requirement.


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