LA NACION (LN +) Incorporated MEDIA 5 Technology for its workflow.

In a first stage in LN + we installed a redundant workflow composed of 2 (two) Play Out servers with 2 (two) Multiformat channels each, with redundant hardware in Master/Automatic-Backup mode, plus 1 (one) PROXY/Convert, 1 (one) SQL Server, 1 (one) PlayOut Terminal, 1 (one) SDI Ingest Terminal, 2 (two) File Ingest Terminals, 1 (one) Management Terminal, 1 (one) CG5 FORTRESS 3D-Character Generator for All the graphic broadcasting that the channel requires, and as a logo and HTH inserter we installed 1 (one) SMART CG HD which can also be a backup of the main character generator. With this structure at this stage, LN + achieves redundancy in both Play Out and Graphic.


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