CG5 FORTRESS is a powerful 3D character generator in TV channels, mobile units or production companies.

It incorporates a modern generation architecture for graphic.

Selectable 2D and 3D genereation and broadcasting in a single project.

The flexibility of CG5 FORTRESS allows multiple tasking.

  • Multiple layers with independent speed and fade control.
  • 2D and 3D enviroment within the same project.
  • Multi-object layers with independent control.
  • Alpha Channel mixing.
  • Titles and subtitles in real time.
  • 2D and 3D generation within the same platform.
  • 4 SDI In DVE module (optional).
  • REST SERVER function.
  • Graphic generation associated to external data.
  • Down Stream Key or Up Stream Key.
  • Insertion of multiple animated logos in 3D.
  • Insertion of time, temperature and humidity.
  • Sports Timers.
  • 3DS MAX® file importation.
  • Multiple simultaneous Videos, Branding, Lower  Third, Rolls  and Crawls.
  • Transition definition.
  • Graphic management for sports events.
  • Social Network integration (Facebook, Twitter, RSS, XML, etc.).
  • Screen Capture from external applications.
  • Project content in one file.
  • More than 200 predefined templates for its immediate use.
  • It supports PSD, TGA, TIF, GIF , PNG , BMP , EMF , JPG , PCX, TGA and PNG series, etc.
  • EXCEL, TXT and multiple communication protocols integration.
  • Remote control for iPad®, MAC® and WINDOWS®.
  • Time line.
  • MOS protocol compatible.


Tech Specs

  • 1 SDI HD Input
  • 2 SDI HD Output (Fill + Key)
Supported formats:
  • 720p 24fr, 25 fr, 29fr, 30fr, 50fr, 59fr, 60fr
  • 1080i 50fr, 59fr, 60 fr
  • 1080p  23.98fr  (Only CG5 3G Versión)
SD Supported formats:
  • PAL / NTSC
  • SD/HD SDI: (SMPTE 424m, SMPTE 292m, SMPTE 259mI) with embedded 50/60 Hz Audio.
Synchronization Input (Genlock)
  • SD/HD SDI (SMPTE 424m, SMPTE 292m, SMPTE 259m) with embedded 50/60 Hz audio
  • Digital linear key DSK signal alpha- channel output (BNC)

Relay Bypass in case of electrical power failure: SD/HD

SDI with embedded audio

In a Glimpse

  • Real time titles and subtitles.
  • 2D and 3D generation within the same platform.
  • Branding.
  • Multiple animated layers.
  • Multiple 3D animated logos.
  • Time and weather display.
  • Sports timers.
  • Multiple Rolls and Crawls with independant controls.
  • Multiple video insertions with Alpha Channel mix.
  • MOS Protocol compatible.


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